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11 Marketing and Business Checklist Items for Everyday

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1. Begin New Each Day

Don't worry if yesterday wasn't as productive as you wanted it to be. Every day is new. Just gather yourself and your lists and get started. There is no point on dwelling on the past.

2. Prioritize

Figure out what is most important and what is easiest and smallest. Rate your to do list accordingly. If there are some small and simple tasks that are really important, make sure those get done first. Sometimes doing a few small tasks gets you started and you already feel more productive and motivated for the day. The big important tasks that need to be done that day should be started in the morning and worked on when you have the energy to do so. Make sure to check all your deadlines and know when certain things are coming up or getting ready to put the pressure on. If you have procrastinated or waited too long, don't worry! Adam Grant, in his book, Originals, tells us that sometimes our best work comes when we have procrastinated and are on that last minute deadline. Our brains are working overdrive and therefore, desperation leads to inspiration.

3. Know what your Goals are

When is comes to goals, it is important to know what they are in many categories. What are your business goals? What are your personal goals? What are your marketing goals? What are your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals? This definitely takes time to sit down and figure out, but having everything mapped out and understood makes working towards success much better. Leave yourself little reminders and notes to keep yourself up to date and on time and inspired.

4. Respond to Customers (email, social media, etc.)

Being involved with your clients and customers is important. Respond to phone calls first. Those people took special time to call; they must be serious about their inquiry. Emails next. Try to personalize every email that you can. Personalization is something lost in our modern business world that will set you apart from competitors. Finally, make sure all your social media is checked and all responses needed are taken care of. Engage with your followers and let them know you care.

5. Check for company/brand mentions online

This is a simple search, but will help you stay involved with your company's reputation online. Maybe you retweet someone's comment about your brand. Or respond to a negative review on a website and clear up a problem. The point is to stay involved and aware of what is going on with your brand and your company.

6. Post to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Make sure that you at least have these scheduled for each day necessary. Get out there and get involved with people online. Show them that you have a presence and want to be involved in the conversation. While Twitter and Facebook are the two big monsters in social media, Instagram and Pinterest are important too. LinkedIn is key for business-y businesses and corporate organizations that want to be involved with clients and potentials in a more professional situation.

7. Work on Blog Posts

Blogs are important to get ranking in Google searches. Writing a little bit each day, even if you don't post each day, will keep you sharp and thinking quickly. Maybe it's time to put together a content calendar, so that you know what you are releasing and when. That way, you can keep a writing schedule and be ready for upcoming events and the like.

8. Find and Engage with Potential Customers

Where do you find your customers? Online? In a retail store? Reach out to them! Be involved with potential customers and encourage them that they are welcome in your business. Make some personal calls to people or send out handwritten notes. Prepare your online ads.

There are lots of ways to reach all demographics of people. Have those options in your mind and be ready to initial relationships with customers in order to build your business and your brand.

9. Update and Review Calendar

Calendars and schedules are so important. Make sure you are aware of what is coming up soon, but also what is out in the distance that you need to start planning for. Planning for planning sounds ridiculous, but is so important. We need to plan our planning times in order to make sure they get done. Otherwise, we will lose track of our schedules and just be running from thing to thing and not really able to keep up with the big picture. Sometimes it helps to have a daily schedule, a weekly planner, a monthly calendar, and then a full year big picture. All of these aspects help us to keep goals in check and the big picture in mind.

10. Check on Competitors

If you have time to check up on the competition, that's great. You want to make sure you stay ahead and stay on top of what is going on in your industry. Don't be the last one to the playground. Make sure that you are brainstorming your next move and stay aware of the other companies you are up against in the business world. Maybe snooping on their social media to see what is working for them will inspire you to do something special or different on yours. After all, Pablo Picasso said, "Good artists borrow; great artists steal." Of course, you have to take that statement with a grain of salt, but it is something to think about.

Maybe even looking at companies in other industries to get ideas for advertising and promotions. Your ideas don't have to come from one type of source. Use your imagination and get out there.

11. BONUS: Get a head start on the next day!

Do we always have time for this one? No. But it's a nice thought! If you have the time, even just a share five minutes, look ahead and see if you can get a jumpstart on the next day and be ready for what comes.

By: Qamar Zaman. Qamar is a Dallas based growth hacker who helps small and midsize business with frugal innovation ideas. He can be reached to help your startup by visiting

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