November 08, 2015

7 Tips for Packing Power Into Your Press Release

Qamar Zaman of Submit 123 PR says there are 7 key elements of a powerful press release that businesses should implement to ensure it will gain traction.

Most businesses send out their press releases not anticipating that the result will be limited views or responses. Unfortunately for many; however, that is what occurs. According to Qamar Zaman, CEO of online press release distribution service Submit Press Release 123, the return on investment can be greatly limited by a number of factors. Says Zaman, who is a digital marketing expert “Crafting a press release cannot be done haphazardly. There are rules to making sure it is worthy of media attention, especially in this day and age where it seems like you can find a press release on any corner of the web.”

Zaman suggests there are seven key elements businesses must consider in making sure their press release has the muster needed to get the attention of journalists and members of their target audience base alike. These are:

Being a news breaker - Being the first to tell the story of a newsworthy “first” is in theory the point of developing a press release. Says Zaman “these items are not meant to rehash old news that journalists have already been made aware of. Press releases must have a unique edge and be news breaking.”

Having the right angle - The right story perspective is very important too according to Zaman who asserts “not every press release is written from an angle that supports the purpose for which it is intended. Case in point, if a you are a Japanese restaurant in Dallas, it would not prove eventful to tailor your story to get the attention of media publications in Vermont.”

Having relevancy - Zaman states “it is your job to prove that your press release message is relevant to the needs of the audience you are targeting. If you are not able to convey relevancy in your message, then you have missed your mark.”

Being a timely piece - Press releases must be timely as well according to Zaman who says “if a press release does not correlate with a something that is going on in the world around us right now, readers aren’t going to care to take the time to give it purpose.”

Being actual news - Zaman says “one of the biggest issues we run into with Submit 123 PR is an attempt made by many business customers who try to pass off their sales pitches as news. We have to outline strict guidelines so that customers know what is acceptable from a journalistic perspective. Sales pitches are not allowed.”

Being accurate - Accuracy Zaman says is also a key factor because journalists don’t want to risk their reputation by mistakenly being a link in the chain of dissemination of false information. Businesses must thoroughly fact check their own pieces before sending it out through any news wire.

Being well written - Zaman says that this element is one that surprisingly gets overlooked the most when businesses craft their press releases, asserting that “a number of businesses think that constructing their press release does not require the same effort as say a New York Times article, and it is the job of journalists to take it a refine the language to create the media buzz. This is a common misconception that businesses have to steer clear of, especially in the digital marketing age. Any written piece a business distributes online or on social networks, whether it is a Tweet, blog, content for a web page, or press release speaks for them. It is vital for the success of one’s brand that any written representation of them speaks favorably.”

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