November 19, 2015

A Surprisingly Simple Solution to Your Small Business Marketing Dilemma

Submit 123 PR CEO, Qamar Zaman, says press releases are a simple solution to one of the major dilemmas that all small businesses face.

It’s no secret that all small businesses face challenges, no matter how hard one tries to cover their bases in starting one. What is surprising; however, is that most view their problems as unique and struggle to find effective resolutions largely due to this perspective.


In a past article, a writer for BusinessNewsDaily pointed out that there are many commonalities in the challenges faced by small businesses of virtually any type.


Source: BusinessNewsDaily Report “The 10 Big Problems All Small Businesses Face”


“Things are never easy for a small-business owner. No matter how hard you try, there are always problems to solve and fires to put out. At least you can take comfort in knowing you're not alone. Every small-business owner goes through the same thing…BusinessNewsDaily recently caught up with 10 business owners attending the Inner City Capital Connection Conference in New York City to get an idea of what their biggest challenges are.”


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One problem named to the list of ten was “getting access to potential customers.” Kehinde Olajide, president and CEO of an all-natural-beverage company, says in the exposé of his own challenges in this arena, “The biggest challenge has been trying to identify who the buyers are… It is very hard to crack that code.  Even when you do crack that code, it is always hard to get a return phone call or email.  These people are getting hundreds and thousands of emails and phone calls a day.”


A Marketing Strategy Every Small Business Can Use


According to Qamar Zaman, a marketing expert and CEO of Submit 123 PR, press release distribution is something that every small business can use to resolve their dilemma in getting access to potential customers. Says Zaman “press releases are one type of marketing tool that has all of the bells and whistles to really draw diverse audiences to their stories.” Because these tools are presented to potential customers in such a way that audiences find them convenient to read and relevant for their needs, they are more likely to act on a message contained therein than with other marketing efforts that make them feel inconvenienced.


The expert says there are three additional key reasons small businesses should consider utilizing press release distribution for marketing to more effectively forge a connection with practically any audience base. These are:


Press releases can be distributed to broad networks - Depending on the size of an online press release distribution provider’s network, small businesses can have their messages presented to a broad audience base, which provides a sought after opportunity to connect with various audience types. Says Zaman, “Submit 123 PR is one service that has developed an extensive affiliate network to ensure the broadest reach for our business clients.”

Press releases can help small businesses increase their search engine rankings - Not only can press release help small business ensure that their messages are presented in front of their target audiences via a media distribution network, but these articles can also be well ranked in top search engines according to Zaman who says “strategically developing press release content so that key search terms are incorporated can help businesses improve their rankings.”

Press releases are cost effective marketing tools - Because press releases from services like Submit 123 PR are designed to be cost effective, small businesses typically find that they have in their budget the means to release more than one. According to Zaman, this element is beneficial particularly for those who have to vary their messages to catch the focus of more than one key demographic.


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