August 22, 2020

Agencies should understand what Social Analytics mean to their Business Clients

Dallas, 12/15/2014 /SubmitPressRelease123/

According to these agencies, they are confident with the steps they are taking in making their clients successful by increasing their customer's engagement on social media sites like Twitter.

These agencies' steps include building a well- defined business profiles and pages, a marketing software utilization made available, regular postings, and their endless efforts in constantly monitoring their client's social media account. They said all these steps are the only things needed to make a successful social media. But what they failed to see is that their gathered data are unstructured which can't be turned into a very important social media analysis.

According to Qamar Zaman of, these agencies can greatly benefit and can make their social media monitoring effort worth it, if they use these social media reporting functions when sending reports to their clients.

First reporting function is called the General social media analytics which includes regularly monitoring their customer's engagement by checking the number of likes, comments, shares, and views. Also for direct interaction with connections, their account growth and website traffic.

Second mentioned function is the Specific Twitter analytics wherein agencies should track their business client's Twitter mentions, direct messages, replies, favorite Tweets, new followers and list inclusion. There are tools that can turn this report into a visual analytics like for example graphs.

Third is the Post Click Engagement wherein the number of clicks is tracked by using url shortener, Google UTM codes, and other social media monitoring tools.

Fourth is the "Brand monitoring: Use a social search engine, like, to accumulate social intelligence regarding who is talking about the companies brand, what platforms the most chatter is coming from, and if what is being said is negative or positive.", says Qamar.

Agencies can gain useful insights from gathering social media data done on a regular basis through social analysis similar to the report functions mentioned by Qamar. He also recommends to consider utilizing a Twitter Tool like Social Centiv when doing a social media analysis through Twitter.

"Social Centiv a twitter marketing tool for small businesses called Social Centiv helps big brands and agencies scour through the noise on Twitter, using a social media search tool that harvests a pool of information about potential customers based on geo-location, profile data, and past Tweets," says Qamar Zaman a Dallas based digital marketing expert who recommends Social Centiv for restaurant marketing on Twitter.

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