August 22, 2020

Attorney Local Map Marketing Expert Explains Google Places for Lawyers

Dallas, 02/02/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Qamar Zaman a Dallas SEO expert who specializes in lawyer marketing explains how lawyers can improve their online visibility to drive more qualified calls with local business listings on Google by reading this article.

Any businesses, may it be small or big, can greatly benefit when doing marketing campaign by making their own local business listings on Google says Qamar Zaman who started his lawyer marketing boutique few years back in Dallas, TX. Your listing will show on 3 places owned by Google which are Google Maps, Google+ and Google web results as long as it has passed the Google guidelines in posting local listings. That's why it is important to follow these guidelines as rules and not just merely guidelines to be able to have an error-free business listing.

Business owners, specifically the attorneys can maximize their visibility on the web if they have quality local business listings. These listings should contain their business name with a descriptor on it to help customers differentiate your firm from other law firms. It should also contain an accurate physical location of your law firm. Remember not to make more than one listing using similar location address in multiple accounts. Your listing should also contain a business phone number that will directly connect to your law firm location and not a call center phone number or a toll-free phone number. You should also include your own website that will represent your business. Your local business listing should also include categories like what your law firm is specializing and what lawyer services you can offer to your clients.

Google secures all the local business listings by limiting the authority of these listings to the lawyer or to the authorized representative only for verification. Clear your local business listings from any kind of illegal undertakings so that your account won't be suspended or worst, removed from search engine results rather than be indexed in Google.

Local business listings can help promote any lawyer's website or law firm and can help increase its online visibility resulting to more number of visitors turning into customers. Creating new listings can result to increase possibility of being found by your clients. You can rank well in Google's search engine result page if your listing can be seen online prominently.

You can attract a lot of clients and customers by making use of local business listings on Google. Just remember the tips mentioned above and apply it when you make your own listings about your law firm.

If you need help with getting your local listing with the help of an expert like Qamar Zaman and want to have someone do it for you give him a call at 972.437.8942 or visit

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