August 22, 2020

Cheap SEO Caused Google Panda and Google Penguin!

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In the online marketing industry, it is not uncommon to meet business owners who are looking for online marketers with lower salary rate – the cheaper the better. Start-ups and small businesses are usually the ones who carelessly hire cheap SEO and Social Media practitioners to save some moolah from their marketing budget. Unfortunately, the intention to save up and spend less often results to failure, which forces the business to either close down or spend more to recover the losses.

Before you will decide on hiring a professional SEO or a firm just because of their cheap service rates, consider the following risks and then try to rethink and decide again.

Risk # 1: Being Banned from Major Search Engines
Getting cheap SEO services that promise to get your website on top of search engine result pages in just a short period of time is absolutely a wrong move that could cost the life of your business. Search engine algorithms nowadays are getting smarter and smarter, thus artificial and unethical website optimization tactics don't work anymore. As most of these types of search marketing service are using unprofessional tactics to game the system, the risk of your website to get serious search engine penalties will not only hurt you financially but will taint your online reputation as well.

Risk # 2: Tainted Online Reputation and Brand Failure
Getting a bad online reputation is one of the worst things that can happen to your business if you hand it to the wrong hands. As most these amateur practitioners have no knowledge about PR and branding, you are risking your business' future by letting them use unethical means to market your products or services. Creating fake social media accounts, buying links, and spamming the web are just some of the most common strategies that will bury your business six feet under.

Risk # 3: Losing Traffic and Potential Customers
Because your website are not indexed in major search engines anymore and you are already getting bad online reputation that causes your brand to fail, the next worst thing that could happen is losing your site traffic from organic searches, thus limiting the probability of getting new clients or customers. This proves that hiring cheap SEO and Social Media labor can be very risky and the need to evaluate the quality of the services being offered is very crucial to the success or failure of your business.

Getting a cheap SEO and Social Media labor has lots of risks but hiring expensive professionals doesn't guarantee return on investments either. Every start-up or small business owner should know how to scrutinize scammers from experienced professionals. Never settle for cheap services just because they are cheap. Always prioritize the quality and competitiveness of the service. Never settle for anything less than you deserve. Regrets always come last.

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