December 05, 2020

Wordpress Website Design Expert in Dallas Qamar Zaman Gives Wordpress Tips

This resource by Qamar Zaman a Website and SEO expert explains 5 benefits of optimized website. Dallas Wordpress Website Design Experts at KISS PR Explain - 5 Essential Tips to Optimize Your Website

Website design is essential for both users and search engines. Users find it easier to navigate a well-structured website, while search engines can also find specific content to match user queries. Here are five tips for designing a website layout for those of you that are building their websites.

Easy Navigation is Essential

As stated above, easy navigation via a website makes it more useable and more searchable. Hence, you should accumulate most of your main content in a menu.[1] Hamburger style menus usually work best in this regard. They hide the menu for increased screen real estate as well. Also, make sure to group your pages so that the main menu isn’t overly long.

Testing is a Continuous Process

Make sure that you keep testing different types of web content for searchability and bounce rates. Since websites and plug-in functionality evolves, testing is a continuous process. Hence, A/B testing[2], changing visuals or trying different plug-ins should all be ongoing efforts. This is what keeps a website ahead of or in the competition.

Fix Dead Pages

Dead pages only hurt a website. When they’re indexed on Google and someone arrives on your website only to be disappointed, they will bounce. This increases your bounce rate and decreases your overall rank in the search results. Remember, each webpage on your website contributes to its ranking on Google. So either fix dead pages or get rid of them. There is no middle ground.

Prioritize a Mobile-Friendly UI

Among the most crucial web design tips for beginners is to prioritize mobile-friendly optimization. Since more than half of all browsing is done on mobile devices, this is crucial. Google has already made mobile-first indexing and mobile-friendly SEO part of its ranking criteria.

Images Also Need Optimization

Images also need to be optimized for search results. Many people don’t realize this and leave them without details. Make sure that they’re paired with keywords and phrases in their meta details and descriptions. Making them searchable adds to the authority of your website. 

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