August 22, 2020

Effective Link Building Strategies for Lawyer Marketing / SEO for Attorneys

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Link Building is never an easy task. It is at times mind twisting to do this technique when doing lawyer marketing. You have to consider a lot of things like Google's guidelines in making one to avoid getting penalized and you also have to consider what link building strategies you will use to better market your law firm. Worry not because, in this article, we will discuss some of the effective strategies that a lot of link builders have been using to be able to do a productive lawyer marketing and manage to get a link from

First, you need to do some research by typing in your chosen keywords in Google. It will show you links that are relevant to your keywords. Study the pages of these sites and manage to get a link from these.

Second, you need to examine and scrutinize your strong competitor's links. Doing this will help you save time in outranking your competitors. Study their links and take note of the websites where they link their site. You should also consider the anchor texts they are utilizing in these links. Do an assessment, analyze their backlink's strength and compare them.

Third, don't just consider your competitor's backlinks but also their outbound links too. Utilize good citations, which means, getting a link from where your competitor's link their site to. But before doing that, assess and check how strong these outbound links are including its quality.

Fourth, now that you have found a site where you will link your own site to, identify its domain's best sub- page with high ranking. It should be indexed in Google and should have a relevant content with yours. You will know that this sub-page is both strong and trusted when you will see many links in its page.

Fifth, utilize the idea of good co-citations so that your links will be trusted. Getting backlinks and outbound links from trusted websites is not enough. Make sure you have a trusted domain so that Google will show your site links resulting to increase traffic to your site and return of investment (ROI).

Sixth, after doing all the mentioned steps above, you need to be able to acquire links on other sites where your competitors haven't had links yet but make sure it is a good co-citation.

Always think in advance and be one step ahead from the other law firms.

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