November 05, 2015

Facebook Customer Engagement Ideas for Small Businesses

Running out of ideas for creating engaging posts can make small business internet marketing boring and worthless.


Running out of ideas for creating engaging posts can make small business internet marketing boring and worthless. Consistent quality posts bring more customer engagement. 


Let’s talk today about Facebook posts. Frequency, quality and the types of posts that can help the small businesses to crush their competition on the Facebook. 


Small business internet marketing through social media sites is the most discussed topic on the web today. Surely, the element of free online social media marketing compels the small business owners to keep learning and practicing till they get it right. 


So let’s rock and learn some new ways of creating interesting Facebook posts, which is the most effective way of getting into your facebook business page fans timeline and in the timeline of your family and friends. Small businesses can effectively post into the groups and communities alongside their competition. 


The first thing that businesses and their social media managers need to do is to study what their competition is doing. How and to which posts their fans and other people on the social network are responding to. Research the customer behavior and their response rate to create your own arsenal to crush your competition.


If anyone out there is like me, he would jump straight in creating a facebook business page without learning the norms and failing miserably in the process. So I learnt by my mistakes and today here I am telling you exactly what to do when you want to use the Facebook as your small business free internet marketing medium.


Facebook posts are “THE” marketing tools on the Facebook. Small businesses need to get this right from the start of the business page. Hammering the fans with sales talk normally does not create a healthy outlook. So showing the human side “Always” in the Facebook posts could generate more engagement.


Let’s get some posts creating ideas from Jim Garst of Bloom Social


17 Killer Facebook Post Ideas For Small Business Owners


“In a rut when it comes to knowing what to post on Facebook? You are not alone. I have seen many small businesses owners get hung up on posting the same type of content over and over again…whether they are working or not. This post will give you 17 killer Facebook post ideas for small business owners that WILL work, by generating lots of likes, shares and comments, as well as increased clicks through to your website.”


It’s not only driving massive traffic to your Facebook posts but the main idea is to get people talking to you and their friends about your business. Visit your company’s website and refer other to it where they could learn more, interact and transact with your company.


The bigger picture must not be overlooked here. Better posts get better engagement and hence improve the chances of more sales deals, build more brand’s awareness and helps the brands to find a respectable place in the online market place.


So, always the business owners need to keep crunching out new ideas of creating new posts that could keep their fans interested.


Other things that come in before you actually start posting into Facebook business page must not be overlooked or ignored. These could include:


Building Facebook marketing strategy

Setting aside the Facebook marketing budget (If you are using Facebook Advertising)

When to post (What time of the day, your Facebook posts could generate more engagement)

How Often to post


Hence small businesses must look into the complete Facebook marketing plan not just the Facebook posts. 


5 Innovative Facebook Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


“Facebook Marketing has proved to work exceptionally well for some businesses while disappointing others. Often the ones who have given up on Facebook are those who had overly high expectations. As a small business, before you plan to market yourself on Facebook you must consider the following factors:”


It all business to consumer engagement pattern. This does not mean that simply creating Facebook posts of all types, style and for all seasons will work. Small business must think out of the box and create a posting plan wherein they would involve the Facebook users and try and get them talking. This could be for the reason of creating your own business survey. Or try to find out the burning issues that reside in the back of the mind of the users. This could also mean paying them back for their time spent in sending their feedback to the business owners. 


Yes, we are talking about surveys, opinion polls, contests and other online business and social media marketing activities that could get the users involved in our small business internet marketing game. Thinking of paying back to the participants of such online social media marketing activities by offering discounts, bonuses, free stuff or whatever that is possibly in the business norms and business culture of the small business entity.


This also means that the business owners need to spend more time in thinking out their strategy, while making social media marketing plans. 


Janet Meiners of the Small Business Trends educates Small business owner in her article posted on Open Forum. 


7 Facebook Contest Ideas for Small Businesses


“Facebook contests are becoming good marketing strategies for businesses of any size.

 You’ve probably heard Facebook success stories from big brands with large budgets. They often have elaborate landing pages, TV commercials, paid blog posts and celebrity endorsements. 

What about the small business that doesn’t have thousands to spend? This list is for 



In the end, it is all about how creative one can get with the Facebook posts. If business owners stop thinking of selling and hard selling to the business prospects and think about being the end consumer, what would they like to see. What kind of Facebook posts would they really want to interact with. They would find the answer to their burning question of “how to create engaging Facebook posts”.



If creating engaging posts is still a problem for you. Or if you are failing in the social media marketing efforts for your small business, than this is the right time to Qamar Zaman, the small business internet marketing expert, who is based in Dallas, USA. Qamar Zaman has helped many small businesses to reframe their internet marketing strategy and beat their competition.


Also bookmarking Qamar Zaman’s blog will help the small business owners to learn more about the latest trend, tips and trick of online social media marketing


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