Thursday, January 20, 2022

Five Essential Post-Pandemic Networking Tips for Lawyers - JD Supra

Just kidding – we’re not post-pandemic.

But in all seriousness, the last two years have dramatically changed the way in which we connect. But while some things may be different, other things will always remain the same.

One of my most popular posts this year was 5 Essential Networking Tips for Lawyers, so I thought I would update it for you to discuss what has changed and what has stayed the same, particularly as we head into the holiday season formerly filled with networking parties and now filled with additional lockdowns and questions about the future.

Have a Plan

Unless you’re new here, you’ve heard this from me before. Anything you do, whether it’s networking, business development, or marketing, should start with a plan. That’s going to be true whether there’s a pandemic happening or not.

Start with your goals and expectations – what do you want to achieve from your networking? Are you looking to expand your practice by 5 new clients? Would you like to do more work for the same clients? Are you trying to find new referral sources? Would you like to expand into a new area of the law?

Set some reasonable, measurable goals for yourself, and write these down. Then, create a strategy for achieving these goals. It may involve attending formal networking events (online or in-person), reaching out to friends and current clients in your network, getting to know some of your partners better, broadening your social media reach, etc.

Use these goals and strategies to develop...

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