Sunday, July 3, 2022

Four Call Tracking Features Every Small Law Firm Should Be Using - Legal Reader

Speed is the name of the game! Outbound call tracking shows you which calls still need to be returned and lets you call back right away from your tracking number.

At its core, call tracking is pretty simple — it assigns a unique phone number to each marketing campaign so you can tell which campaigns are driving potential clients to call your firm. When you know which campaigns are working, you’re able to use that data to optimize your marketing initiatives so you can maximize your firm’s lead generation, your conversion rates, and each campaign’s ROI.

Nobody wants to invest in marketing efforts without clear visibility into what’s working and what isn’t. Furthermore, you don’t want the valuable leads who contact you to get lost through improper intake methods. You need an easy-to-use call tracking solution that gives you confidence that you’re spending your marketing budget efficiently and never missing a lead.

However, not all call tracking software is created equal. While they may claim to offer similar results, each platform’s unique call tracking tools indicate the types of data your firm will collect and how that data can be utilized to improve ROI. When you’re in the market for a call tracking platform, these are the four call tracking features you should be looking for:

1. Call Recording: Ensure your customer service is top notch

When first contacting a law firm, 68% of consumers reached for the phone, as opposed to 25% who used email or an online form. While the...

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