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Getting Started With Google Knowledge Panel - Learn To Build Google Knowledge Panel Using Press Releases

The Google Knowledge Graph is designed to provide relevant content to the individual searching the web to get the most out of their search experience.

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"Knowledge panels are information boxes that appear on Google when you search for entities (people, places, organizations, things) that are in the Knowledge Graph. They are meant to help you get a quick snapshot of information on a topic based on Google’s understanding of available content on the web." Source: Google

You may not be aware of what it's called, but you have definitely used it at some point in your day. Whenever you search on Google, you'll likely see a colorful block of information right next to the regular search listings. On Android, the panel usually appears a little part way down on the list of results. This is the Google Knowledge Graph, which is exactly what it sounds like. Every time you get information on any topic, such as weather, movie ratings, etc, that topic is represented within the Google Knowledge Graph.

The knowledge panels are extremely powerful. They allow businesses, brands, organizations, and even individuals to gain access to powerful search engines via their websites.

The Google Knowledge Graph is designed to provide relevant content to the individual searching the web so that the individual can get the most out of their search experience. Understanding how knowledge panels work can help you gain a deeper understanding of how SEO works, as well as what you can do to improve your Google PageRank.

"To learn how to build a Google knowledge panel you can use authority content such as press releases. The author, Qamar Zaman, a Google SEO professional and Chief Growth Officer of a press release distribution company KISS PR Brand Story helps you build your brand using online press release stories. In this small and functional guide, Qamar Zaman helps you understand and earn a Google Knowledge Panel using Online Press Release Distribution." Source

What is Google Knowledge Panel

Google Knowledge Panels is essentially a collection of links from other sites with information about a given topic. These knowledge panels are an integral part of Google Search Network, which means that they are very important for ranking your websites.

Example  Google Knowledge Panels of Big Finny

One example of how a Google knowledge panel can benefit your business is when you are trying to promote a brand-name business. You would probably want to include the brand name on your website and on your business cards.

Google has an internal algorithm for determining which web pages contain the most significant brand names, which means that any pages with the brand name will show up high on the SERPs.

This is why it is so important to target specific keywords that can optimize your local listing, as well as your Google Places listing.

If you have an eCommerce site or a website that sells products online, the knowledge panel can benefit you, as well, by allowing you to include a brief description of your products in the About Me section of your website.

This is helpful because people who are browsing through the Google Store will get an idea of what you sell before they even arrive at your website. You can also set up a Google Structured Listing for your products, which allows you to get the most benefit out of your SEO efforts. In fact, having a Google Structured Listing will allow you to reach more potential customers, as people will be able to quickly and easily find you when they are searching for your products.

The social profiles of individuals will also benefit from your Google knowledge graph. The knowledge graph shows up in the Google search results and is shown as a colored line underneath the search result. The more color that you put on your profile, the higher up in the search results you will appear to searchers. People are much more likely to connect with individuals who are socially active, and the knowledge panel allows you to reach out to these individuals by including the icons in your webpages and on your social profiles.

Finally, the knowledge panels help you categorize the information that you have about your products. You can use the knowledge graph to highlight the categories that your product falls under, such as "bath and body," "electronics," and so on. When people are searching through the Google Store for information about your products, they will be able to understand what category your product falls under and will be more likely to click on your links if they understand what they are looking at. As people search through your website, they will be able to access the content on these pages more readily as well. You can include links and images related to your products on your pages so that when someone searches for your product, they will be able to find it easier. The knowledge graph is not only beneficial for the Google Store, but for your customers as well.

The knowledge graph is an extremely useful tool for both search engine users as well as your customers. It is a highly structured way to share information with others and is a great way to stay organized as you grow as an SEO practitioner. When you have more structured ways to share information with others, you are much more likely to get good SEO results from your work. If you want to improve your SEO results, start using the Google Knowledge Panel.

There are many good resources on the web like one from

A reintroduction to our Knowledge Graph and knowledge panels, Danny Sullivan, Public Liaison for Search Published 20 May 2020


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