Monday, December 6, 2021

Getting Started With Microcurrent Facial Treatments

We all love a new device but when you pick one up without really understanding how and when to use it, it can end up sitting idly as the days go by. The key is being familiar with the benefits and the easiest way to work an additional treatment into your self-care regimen. Once you figure that out and then carve out the ideal time to use your microcurrent device, the best thing is, you’ll actually enjoy the process and watching your results. Our friends at 7E Wellness have made it easier than ever to find the perfect microcurrent product for everyone, so once you pick out your preferred solution, try to remember these easy steps to picking the prime time for your perfect treatment and sticking with the regimen.

Whether you are using the MyoLift Mini or the QT, you’re going to love the feel of the treatment. The benefit of not going through surgery that puts you out of commission as you recover is that, rather than missing out on life and feeling beat up, microcurrent treatments energize the muscles in your face making you feel better as you gently work your way to your beauty goals. You should use your device for 5-20 minutes per session and, like any good workout (because this really is a workout for your face), the best results come when you take days off and aim for doing the treatment 1-3 times a week.

One of the great benefits of the device is the flexibility it offers. Because the device is small, portable and easy to operate, when and where you use it is entirely...

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