Monday, December 6, 2021

Helping artists with the much-deserving fame, GLO UP provides a professional platform

GLO UP is a label and professional platform that helps newly emerging and talented artists. GLO UP provides such artists with a platform through which they can spread their voices all around the world.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – In order to help the local artists, GLO UP is an excellent platform. It gives the rising talents of the USA, a chance to grow and show the world the talent they possess. The company actively helps the artists who have the energy, passion, and drive to make good-quality music. GLO UP was founded by Osiris Hotchkins and Jermain. Both of them reside in Salt Lake City, Utah, where GLO UP is headquartered.

GLO UP holds a passionate vision to help artists, singers, songwriters, and producers. The company aims to put their artists on the biggest and most professional platform, and to aware as many people as they can about the rising artists. By providing a robust platform, GLO UP encourages young and fresh artists to come out and share their talents with the world.

The co-founder of GLO UP, now taking the role as the Manager, Osiris Hotchkins, said “We want to change the outside view of what our city is about.” Jermain, the co-founder stated, while talking about the platform “I just want this platform to show the entertainment industry and the world what my city has to offer.” Both of the co-founders are working tirelessly to help emerging artists.

GLO UP recently organized a music and fashion event. This event was named “The GLO GALA ft. Siamon Bagat....

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