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How to optimize Bing & Yahoo Explains Dallas SEO Expert

Dallas, TX, 04/21/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Qamar Zaman helps provides attorneys with SEO tips for how to optimize their law firm websites for both Yahoo and Bing.

Both Yahoo and Bing are one of the top three search engines sites mostly used by many people. That is, next to the search giant, which is the famous Google. With the competitive market today, lawyers are doing a lot of things to be ahead of their lawyer rivalries.

In order to keep up with the never ending challenge, attorneys need to optimize their legal web presence not just for Google but also to include Yahoo and Bing. The good news is both Yahoo and Bing are now in alliance so optimizing one would bring almost similar effects. To get started you need to be index the website in Bing. You can do that by submitting your lawyer site to Bing Webmaster Tools. Then wait for Bing to crawl your site. Be patient in doing so because Bing does not update their index the way Google does so it may take a little while.

It is important that you have an idea that the search engine site Bing is focus on a site's speed when it comes to ranking a website. Your law firm site should load fast as this is one of the technical requirements that Bing wants. Remove unnecessary URLs and keep your sitemap clean. As for your robots.txt, this will help the web spider or web crawler of Bing which site pages to crawl and what not to. The search engine Bing now acknowledges canonical tags which can help them determine which page of your law firm site is original and which is a duplicate.

Title Tags: In setting a title tag, use relevant keywords on each of your page so that your website can have a greater chance to rank well. Bing emphasis more on title tags than Google does. But remember not to overuse many keywords as you can be penalized by Google.

Ranking for Keywords: In creating contents to your law firm page, make sure to use the exact keywords that you want to be rank for on the search result of Bing. Avoid using broad keywords as this is not what Bing wants unlike Google. You can use tools like Wordstream so that you can be able to have an idea on what keywords to use for your website site optimization.

Backlinks are important for Bing, provided that they are of high quality and that they come from legitimate websites. They are important when it comes to ranking a site. Your keyword should be also found in your anchor text within moderation.

When it comes to content, Google and Bing agrees that content plays an important role in every website. Content should be of high quality and relevant as this is important for ranking a lawyer site.

Bing considers social media as a vital part when it comes to their ranking factors. So you need to keep on using social media sites to improve your ranking. You also need to make sure that you have claimed your business listings with Bing highly regards attorney website which has optimized local listings. As for the don'ts, it is quite similar to Google like avoid cloaking, duplicate contents, overstuffing of keywords within the content, etc.

If you want to excel against the other law firms and lawyers, you need to optimize your site not only for Google but also to search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

if you need help with search engine optimization for Bing, Yahoo and Google you should consult experienced SEO.

Qamar Zaman - Attorney Marketing Expert

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