May 09, 2014

How to Write a Direct and Attention Grabbing Press Release

Submit Press Release 123 Offers Tips on how to write and syndicate attention grabbing press release

Submit Press Release 123 Offers Tips on how to write and syndicate attention grabbing press release

Of course, you already know that in writing press releases, the copy should be direct to the point and free from any flowery words. But, as much as I believe that everyone is aware of this, the massive press release copies dumped in free and cheap PR websites I found online are solid evidence that some companies don’t bother to train their writers or they don’t really put so much thoughts into it. In this internet era, it is depressing to see how some online marketers equate the value of a press release to a cheap back-link.

The main reason you are sending a press release to journalists and bloggers is for the hope that they will find your story interesting and that they will call you up so that they can write about it. In most cases, this is not the usual scenario. Most press releases that are sent out daily would just end up in the trash. One most probable reason why this is happening is because, these press releases never caught the interest and attention of the receiver.

Tips on How to Write a Direct and Attention Grabbing Press Release

Direct and attention grabbing press release sounds very simple to do but this isn’t the actual case. To help you out in boosting the chances of getting your news release a space in the local newspaper or a post in a popular blog, consider the following tips.

1. Ask yourself if your story can capture the interest of your target audience. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Would they be interested to know more about your story? Is it relevant and timely? Write your press release in a way that the general population can relate to it. If they can relate then there’s a high chance that they might get interested.

2. Set your sight to your main purpose. The very main reason why you’re sending your news story to journalists, news editors, bloggers, and the like is to have a chance of getting your story in their respective publishing platform. Thus, you should make sure that what you are sending them should grab their attention. Always remember that a call back from a journalist or a follow up from a blogger is a sign that you had successfully caught their interest.

3. Keep your news story as short as possible. Direct to the point and as much as possible, if you can fit all of it in one page the better. Make your paragraphs and sentences short. Be objective and refrain from using any kinds of superlatives. Remember that the people who will read your copy are critics and very meticulous when it comes to grammar and facts.

4. Make sure your headline has it all. If you’ll fail to capture the interest of your target audience in your headline title, then your press release is already doomed. Make sure your headline says it all. It should precisely inform the readers what it is all about.

5. Consider what type of press release you want to publish. Determine if you are doing a general news release, a launch release, product press release, executive or staff announcement press release, expert positioning press release, or event press release. Make sure that you consider the time of submission because it has great impact on how they will be received.

6. Establish a long-term relationship with your target audience. If you have an established relationship with journalists and bloggers, grabbing their attention every time you submit a press release isn’t that difficult anymore. Invite them every time you organize corporate events, send them greeting cards during the holidays, or you can initiate an annual event wherein you show your gratitude for their support.

Try to incorporate these tips the next time you’ll write your press release and find out if they make a difference. Of course, this list is not a guarantee that your news story will immediately catch the attention of your target audience but for sure, it can provide you some ideas on how to prepare and write a better one.

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