February 21, 2016

Is Your Business Trying to Market on Too Many Social Media Platforms?

Submit 123 PR CEO Qamar Zaman says that not all social media platforms are right for every business when it comes to content sharing for marketing purposes.

Marketing content on multiple social media platforms is common for many businesses today, and most experts would say doing so is a great move. However, a number of businesses waste opportunities attempting to use every platform they can get access to without knowing whether use of them will effectively generate leads. Submit 123 PR CEO Qamar Zaman, who is a digital marketing expert, says that businesses should do their research and utilize only those social media platforms that have purpose for their overall marketing plan. According to Zaman, “if you are a law firm and trying to share a link to a blog article or press release, then what benefit will having a Snapchat account really provide.”

The same sentiment was shared by writer John Boitnott in an article published by Inc. magazine who said “It's not a bad idea to be on multiple social media platforms, but you don't have to be on every single social network. For example, a law firm should have a LinkedIn and Facebook account, but does it need a Pinterest or Snapchat account? No. Do a little research and discover where your audience can be reached and stick mainly with those platforms.” To read more of “Avoid Hurting Your Brand With These 10 Social Media Mistakes” click here.

Why Market Content on Social Media?

Social media has emerged as an important tool for helping businesses of all types increase their engagement with potential customers on their turf. Zaman says that social media also now widely serves as an important outlet for sharing blogs and press releases to target audience members who may not otherwise see them. There are so many news stories that get posted on various sites daily that it can be challenging even with SEO efforts to ensure that a particular demographic has access to the stream of information that a business puts out. Zaman suggests, “businesses can achieve much higher visibility if social media is included in their content marketing plan, as long as they choose the right outlets.”

Choosing the Right Social Media Influencers

Multiple social media campaigns can do a business justice when they are able to continually promote marketing content across different platforms in a way that allows them to maintain a reasonable amount of engagement. However, Zaman says that businesses should educate themselves on which ones actually serve a purpose for their needs. He suggests that beginning with well-known sites like Twitter is a good start for most. “Over a reported 100 million users login to Twitter daily, with 34 percent logging in multiple times per day. On average, there are more than 200 followers per user on the social network.  With statistics like these, it would behoove businesses to not do more to increase their engagement on the network” the digital marketing expert recommends.

Services like Submit 123 PR offer an integration of social media promotion with available distribution options that are well targeted for the needs of business customers. Says Zaman “use of this type of service is an excellent starting point for businesses unsure of how to determine the right combination of social media channels to help them reach their content marketing goals.”

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