Monday, December 6, 2021

Meet Dovi Bezner Aka PokerTheJew: Official Manager Of The Island Boys

The Island Boys (Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd) rose to fame in 2021 after releasing a freestyle rap on TikTok. The boys’ unique style has garnered them tons of attention from fans, record labels, fellow rappers, and potential managers. But when they became overnight celebrities, the brothers needed to find a trusted manager quickly. Therefore, they turned to a long-time family friend: Dovi Bezner, better known as PokerTheJew.

Who is Dovi Bezner?

Dovi aka PokerTheJew grew up in South Florida, but was born in upstate New York to an orthodox Jewish family. He received his education through a private Jewish boarding school where he learned many of the values of hard work, which have become so important to his career today.

Volunteering and Charitable Deeds

While Dovi devotes much of his time to his career, he has never forgotten his duty to help those in need. Throughout his life, Dovi has volunteered in the Israeli armed forces. He served in this i have mutual respect and trust for one another. After all, trust is the key to every successful manager-client relationship.

Future Plans for Dovi Bezner

As of right now, The Island Boys are Dovi’s only clients. He wants to ensure that they have his full attention and that he keeps their best interests in mind moving forward.

Dovi and the brothers plan to launch a fashion brand soon. He reports that they are in talks with multiple major fashion brands including Fashion Nova.

However, Dovi has stressed that he wants to be safe with...

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