Sunday, July 3, 2022

New York jury holds drugmaker Teva liable in opioid crisis - Journal Record

NEW YORK (AP) – Drugmaker Teva Pharmaceuticals contributed to the opioid crisis, a New York jury has ruled.

The jury’s finding was one of few verdicts so far returned in thousands of lawsuits nationwide over the painkillers.

A separate trial will follow to determine what Teva will have to pay in the case, in which New York state and two Long Island counties took on a swath of drug companies.

In the verdict, a Suffolk County jury found the drug company played a role in what is legally termed a public nuisance but had lethal consequences – an opioid use epidemic linked to more than 500,000 deaths in the U.S. in the past two decades.

“Teva Pharmaceuticals USA and others misled the American people about the true dangers of opioids,” James, a Democrat, said in a news release. “Today, we took a significant step in righting the wrongs this country has collectively experienced over the last two decades.”

Israel-based Teva, which makes medications using the powerful opioid fentanyl, said it “strongly disagrees” with the verdict and plans to appeal.

“The plaintiffs presented no evidence of medically unnecessary prescriptions, suspicious or diverted orders, no evidence of oversupply” by Teva and didn’t show that Teva’s marketing caused harm to New Yorkers, the company said in a statement. It is also arguing for a mistrial, based on various issues.

Around the country, state and local governments, Native American tribes, unions, school districts and others have sued the drug industry...

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