Monday, December 6, 2021

Number of BTCNEXT Exchange users doubles in 2021

Yet another great milestone for the BTCNEXT Exchange – the number of active users doubled during the bullish 2021! It’s nice to see consistent work getting positive results.

The year 2021 sizzled for BTCNEXT Foundation, Hong Kong, – the company that runs the BTCNEXT Exchange. There are now twice as many active users on it than there were in 2020. Today, the trading platform has 70k users! This is yet another important milestone in the development process.

How this height was conquered

BTCNEXT Foundation, Hong Kong, has been making titanic efforts on a consistent basis to improve the user experience. In 2021, the BTCNEXT community witnessed multiple listings, bonus distributions and core improvements. The work is ongoing, round-the-clock.

A big reason for the crypto exchange’s popularity was the addition of BNX – a native token that guarantees trading fee discounts and the opportunity to become a BTCNEXT Angel. December 2020 was when the last token burn took place, reducing the total supply to 250 million. The BXN price significantly strengthened its position and attracted new holders. In the summer, the price reached $0.40, which is x10 from the bottom.

Another key contributing factor is the role played by BTСNEXT Angels – these are premium users and the main BNX token holders. They helped the team to achieve a long-awaited level of stability. For their loyalty, bonuses are regularly awarded to these users. This too is a way to attract new users!

But the key factor is...

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