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has over 15 years of lawyer marketing experience and a stellar record. Qamar has helped several law firms attract more cases through his expertise as a lawyer marketing consultant

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Please read my HYPE FREE Report before you throw away your hard earned money. 

The attorney digital marketing space is not regulated, which opens the door for many companies to make all sorts of claims. So how do you weed through the good and bad ones to select the right kind of expert to help you get cases from the Internet using the various mediums available.

First, take inventory of the following to see if the person / company you are dealing with meets or exceeds these requirements:

  1. Has the company done this for other attorneys? – If the answer is yes. Get three references and call their clients. Make sure you speak directly with a partner who handles marketing for the firm. When you speak with the partner, don't be shy when it comes to inquiring about the number of cases they get, and the percentage of those that are good cases that convert. These metrics will help you know if the marketing expert knows the legal intake and lead generation principles for law. You want quality cases not spam.
  2. Another very important question that should be asked is: Was the firm impacted by Google penalties due to the lawyer marketing expert's tactics? Since 2012 there have been many Google updates including Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. If the expert has implemented white hat SEO, the website would not have be impacted. There are many ways to check. Without getting into the technical details of this, if you think your website may need an audit please call me, Qamar Zaman, directly at 972.437.8942.
  3. Does the incumbent company have a minimum of 3 years of law firm marketing, website design, blog writing and intake experience? – These components are very crucial and the attorney marketing expert you are discussing your goals with should get a A grade in each subject. You are going to spend your hard earned money so don't settle for someone who does not measure up for all key components.
  4. Blog Writing: Does the expert rely on the in-house expertise of it's own legal content development team?
Once you are satisfied with the answers obtained from the aforementioned questions, it's time to check the following:
  1. Contract Offerings – Does the company offer month-to-month or long term contracts? Companies like LexisNexis/Martindale Hubbel, Findlaw/Westlaw and others ask you to sign long term contacts and do not offer any exclusivity. A word of caution: most of these companies will work with your competitor.
  2. Some companies will also give you a leasing option, and not offer you ownership of your assets. In these cases, run away as fast as you can. If you don't own your website, design, CMS, and content you are investing your hard earned assets into absolutely nothing.
  3. Beware of falling for the programs that offer Guaranteed SEO rankings. See Google's guidelines on this.
Why Qamar Zaman may be the Right Candidate for Your Law Office Marketing? Qamar Zaman has over 15 years of lawyer marketing experience and a stellar record. Qamar has helped several law firms attract more cases through his expertise as a one stop "BS Free" – lawyer marketing consultant covering:
  • Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing (Dallas, New Mexico, New York)
  • Qui Tam / Whistleblower Attorney Marketing (Dallas, San Francisco) – National Level
  • Divorce Family Law Marketing (Dallas, Raleigh, Durham) # First page ranking for Raleigh Divorce Lawyer, Raleigh Family Lawyer and over 100 Terms.
  • Employment / Business Law (Dallas, New York, Los Angeles)
  • Real Estate Law (Grand Cayman)
  • Mesothelioma Asbestos (Chicago) – National Level
  • Drug Recall, Trans Vaginal Mesh Recall (Nationwide)
  • Truck Accidents (National)
  • Criminal Law- West Palm Beach, FL
His Consulting Services Include:
  • Search Engine Optimized Website That Converts. Calls that convert into cases
  • Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click That Offers Low Cost Acquisition
  • Organic and Holistic Link Building
  • Brand Visibility on Top Sites like CNN, Huffington Post, Forbes and more.
Our 14 Step Promise
  1. Search Engine Friendly Website Design On WordPress Platform
  2. Same Day Support
  3. No Hidden Charges (Flat Rate Pricing)
  4. You Own All The Assets – Website & All SEO
  5. 1 Client Per Market
  6. Result Driven – Cases not Clicks!
  7. Page 1 Google Rankings – over 200 Keywords Ranked
  8. Reporting using Google Analytics
  9. Trained legal writers (US Based)
  10. Video Optimization Included
  11. Weekly Blog Writing
  12. Your News Distributed on Large Newswires (CNN, PR Newswire & More)
  13. Direct Access to Search Engine Optimization Engineer
  14. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & over 20 Web 2.0) Included


Due to our highly selective process, we only take on a few clients per year. Typical pricing per month starts at $4,000. We would love to speak with you about how we can work within your budget, but we ask that you be cognizant of our pricing model.

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