Search Marketing & Search Google Remarketing

Let your target audiences find you by getting your products or services displayed as ads in Google Search. This doesn't only guarantee you better targeted online promotion, but also gives you more chances to explore your options even though you are in a tight budget.

Improve your business performance for direct response and branding campaigns with the aid of search retargeting. We only do precise keyword-level search retargeting to ensure your profitability.

Google Search Marketing

Google PPC or Pay per Click is the life of Google Search display advertisement and this is where the heart of your search marketing campaign would take place. Our Search Marketing service package includes:

  • Full management of your PPC campaigns via Google AdWords.
  • Options to either go full blast with Google AdWords or do Google AdSense, or do both.
  • Easier tracking of results and improved transparency to facilitate better goal assessment.

It is important to note that in PPC, you only pay if people click your ads, thus you already know how your money is being spent. We help you in getting the right people click them by providing you high converting keywords that are of relevance to your niche.

Search Google Remarketing

Getting the right audiences/consumers at the right time, boosting brand awareness, and targeting your ads to relevant searchers, are what we do for your search retargeting campaign.
Search retargeting works when consumers who are using keywords directly related to your search marketing campaign, are retargeted with your display ads. This helps boost brand awareness and increase the probability of getting higher impressions and leads.

The search retargeting process can be summarized in the following steps.

  1. It starts when a potential consumer or client uses one of your optimized keywords on a search engine or does a search on a website.
  2. We collect those search data across search engines and online portals.
  3. Those people who are using your target keywords are automatically included in the potential prospect list.
  4. We then expose your retargeted ads to your prospect consumers/clients so that you will get higher visibility and increase in potential clicks.
  5. As your ads get more exposure, there is a high probability that your potential consumers will click them and visit your website.
  6. In the duration of your campaign, we will assist you in tracking numbers of visits, impressions, and successful leads being generated.

Our search marketing and retargeting services are practical options to supplement your online marketing and SEO efforts.