March 17, 2022

Pakistani Startups Face Shortage of Talented Human Resource: Report - ProPakistani - Curated by Qamar Zaman

The emerging startups in Pakistan attracted huge investment in recent years but a majority of these ventures are struggling for talented human resources to scale up their businesses to the next level.

According to a study released by Invest2Innovate, respondents including a 57 percent share of entrepreneurs, cited the lack of both suitable top managers and an adequately trained/educated workforce as a major obstacle for their businesses.

These apprehensions were even more pronounced among entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) and investors as 90-94 percent of them respectively viewed the availability of top managers as a major obstacle for startups. Similarly, the availability of qualified technical talent (such as software engineers and data scientists) also constitutes a prominent issue expressed by both ESOs and investors.

Startups built upon innovative ideas not only need workers from traditional fields but they need workforces equipped with high-tech and emerging fields of knowledge to grow their businesses on a sustainable basis.

Entrepreneurs, investors, and ESOs interviewed said that startups lack several key attributes such as critical thinking abilities, product-oriented experience, and cross-functional flexibility compared to their counterparts in other regional ecosystems. Founders, in particular, cited that these skills were necessary for technical team members to eventually assume strategic managerial positions, thereby forming an internal pipeline for...

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