Monday, December 6, 2021

Purging The Market With Faisal “Vice” Wardak’s Multiple Marketing Strategies at Purgion Inc

Disrupting any market is not easy. It needs unique strategies with a well-executed plan to outshine its competitors and remain relevant, but sustainable. Faisal “Vice” Wardak, through his methodologies, has been able to bring a new face to the social media, music, tech, and entertainment industries. Now working with major music labels, large app companies, content houses, and many more.

About His Company Purgion

Vice Wardak founded Purgion. Considered to be the fastest-growing music marketing and social media viral solutions company.

Purgion became the name for Vice and his esteemed team of leaders. Transitioning from a traditional social media agency to an untraditional media company. Being that the issue was that nearly all social media agencies couldn’t fundraise properly with investors. Why? Because they lack a proprietary system. Agencies are usually relationship-based so if you take out a specific individual, the relationships will follow. Therefore Vice decided to build an untraditional media company through copyrighted content and building technological systems.

The Challenges

Through his journey near the closing of 2020, Vice met two wealthy individuals particularly interested in his works. One of them being a hedge fund owner and another being a very wealthy industry entrepreneur. Offering him a partnership in exchange for a few hundred thousand dollar investments. One of which he agreed to but later regretted seeing that he was pulling in more revenue than...

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