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Remarketing for Lawyers By Qamar Zaman Attorney Internet Marketing Expert

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Abandoned carts is one of the most common problems business owners often encounter on their ecommerce sites.  Although you have successfully gained traffic from your online marketing efforts, the struggle is not yet over until you've converted your visitors into paying customers.  How can you bring back those visitors who show interest in your products or services but for some reasons left your page without completing their purchase?

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is an online marketing process that aims to get back prospect customers by reconnecting to them via targeted ads.  For example, if your website visitor is on the process of subscribing to your social media service but left half-way for some reasons, you can get back him/her through remarketing.  Remarketing happens when a targeted ad reappears on other web pages your prospects are browsing after they left yours.  

How to Set-up a Remarketing Process

The two crucial accounts you need to set-up are your Google Analytics and Google AdWords.  You simply need a tracking code you can get from those accounts and embed it on your website.  Here's a few steps you can follow on how to set-up a remarketing code in Google Analytics.

1.  Once you are logged in, go to the Admin section located on the upper right menu.  In the Property column, click "Remarketing". And then click "Audiences".

2. Analytics will then prompt you to connect it to your Google AdWords account.  Just click the "link your AdWords account".  You will then be redirected to a page wherein you have to select the corresponding AdWords account associated to your Google Email.  Select and then click the Continue button.

3. Enter the name of your Link group title under the Link Configuration and click the drop down menu below it.  Select which accounts you want to be linked.  After that, click the "Link accounts" button.  Then click "Done".

4. Click the "Remarketing" link again (under the Property column) and then click "Audiences".  You will now be redirected to "Remarketing Audiences" page.  In the Link Configuration, click the dropdown menu under Advertising account and select your Google AdWords Customer ID.  Now, click the "Next" button.

5. You will then be directed to Step 2 "Enable Remarketing".  Click the "Enable" button and you're done.

If you want to set-up remarketing via Google AdWords, here is a step by step details ( on how to do it.

How to Use Remarketing to Increase Conversions?

Remarketing doesn't absolutely guarantee that you will get back the prospects you lose but it would increase the chances that they will go back and become paying customers.  Here are some tips on how you can effectively use it.


1. Target specific audiences instead of remarketing to a general audience. Instead of selecting "All Visitors" you can choose which of them you want to see your remarketing ad.  The list you can choose from includes new users, returning users, users who visited specific section of your site, users who completed a goal conversion, and users who completed a transaction. This can help you increase the chances of that specific visitor to convert.

2. Consider the length of time you want to keep on remarketing to your prospects. Of course, you need to set a limit on how long you want your prospects to see your remarketing ad. Consider that these people may get annoyed if you keep on bombarding them with your product.  A 30-day duration is recommended.

3. Make use of frequency capping.  This is an alternative if you want to limit the display of your remarketing ad based on how many of your target audience see it instead of how long you want it to be seen.

4. Your remarketing ad should have a strong call to action. This is quite important if you wanted to convince your prospects that they need to go back or visit your website again to complete the transaction they didn't complete.

5. Your remarketing ad should be consistent with your branding. Of course, your prospects have already known about your brand. Displaying a remarketing ad that is not consistent with your branding can instill distrust in your target audience's mind, thus you have to make sure that your ad's presentation properly simulates your branding.

6. Your remarketing ad should be compatible across multiple ad sizes and with any types of browser. This is quite important because you don't want to waste your time knowing that your ad is not displaying well or worst is not displaying at all in some browsers or other online channels just because it is not modified to adapt to all sorts of platforms.  Incompatibility can result to futile results of your remarketing campaign.

7. Test your remarketing ad before publishing it. It is more recommended that you test two remarketing ads first and select the one that performs better.  This would insure that you are using a more effective ad.

8. Measure and analyze how your ad performs. Use your Google Analytics reports to evaluate the performance of your remarketing campaign. Pay closer attention to clicks and the behavioral pattern of your visitors.  From there, you can create some modifications on how to improve your remarketing strategy.

Remarketing is fairly new and foreign especially to those who are not yet adept with online marketing.  Although Social Media and SEO can bring you massive influx of visitors, remarketing is still important if you don't want to lose those ones who are more likely to convert.  If you are interested in bringing lost eyeballs to your website give Qamar Zaman Attorney Marketing Company a call.

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