October 08, 2021

Something is off with this morning’s newsletter; Friday’s daily brief - Search Engine Land

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Good morning, Marketers, does this morning’s newsletter seem a bit off to you? It does to me…

Carolyn Lyden, our Director of Search Content, is off part of this week and the day I write the newsletter has been moved to the Friday slot – so everything just seems off to me. For me, having a consistent and strict routine helps me do my job better and more efficiently.

The same is true with SEO — consistency is key and to some, like Google’s John Mueller, the number one piece of SEO advice is to be consistent. Why? The goal with SEO is to not confuse Google by sending mixed, inconsistent signals. Make sure your navigation and URL structure match what you tell Google in your XML sitemap file and canonical tags or hreflang attributes. Make sure what you are showing your users is the same as what you are telling Google Search.

Consistency is key for SEO in that anything you can do to clearly define your site to search will help you rank better. The same is true in life, the more consistent you are with your family, your children, your business, your clients, the more they can all learn to rely and trust you. You need to earn Google’s trust too so that your site can perform its best in search.

Barry Schwartz,
Feeling less consistent...

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