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The Basic Components of an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy

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If you will do some research online, you'll find lots of articles written by experts discussing about the top components of a successful internet marketing strategy. Whether they based their write-ups from their experiences or they are just referencing from some reliable sources – it doesn't really matter. This is because, there's no absolute rule to follow when it comes to marketing a business online.

For every seasoned internet marketer, online marketing strategy varies from one project to another, depending on the type of industry or niche they are working on.

Though internet marketing strategies cannot be the same for all types of projects, it has important components that need to be constantly used in order to achieve goals and return on investments. The following are the basic components of an effective internet marketing strategy every internet marketer should keep in mind.

Online Contents

Everything that needs to be promoted or advertise online starts with a group of data or information. These data are commonly referred to in the online marketing world as content. Contents are the foundation of every internet marketing effort and they are usually showcased through the following mediums.

• Website (static)

• Blog (dynamic)

• Forum (community based)

• Profile Pages (social networks)

The most common type of content is text. Others are video, audio, image, and apps (for smartphones).


Nothing beats the old-school way of sending and receiving information. According to a recent survey, there are over 1 billion email users (if Hotmail's, Yahoo! Mail's, and Gmail's total number of users are combined). Just basing from this figure, email marketing is something every internet marketer should focus on. The following are the most common types of email marketing.

• Newsletter Email

• Catalog and Video Email

• Press Release Email

• Invitation and Survey Email

• Thank You Email

• Holiday Email

The power of email marketing is something internet marketers should not underestimate. If done correctly, it can prove to be very effective in reaching out to potential prospects or customers.


Emailing and searching are two of the most popular activities online. According to a recent survey, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and over 100 billion global searches are being conducted every month. These figures show how contents are found through searching, thus it is expected that internet marketers should be adept in every aspect of search marketing.

There are two types of search marketing – SEM and SEO. In most cases, most small businesses depend solely on SEO in gaining organic traffic and leads for their websites.

Social Media

Ninety one percent of online adults use social media regularly. This statistic alone speaks volume on how social media influences the daily lives of people all over the globe. According to a recent survey, internet users spend 22.5% of their online time social networking. This proves that social media is not just a fad but a new lifestyle that is being embraced by millions of online users worldwide.

As a basic component of a successful internet marketing strategy, using social media to engage with current customers and connect with new prospects should be properly implemented as it's not easy as it sounds.

Online Tracking Software

Every internet marketing effort needs the basic tools to measure progress and success. This is to determine if the applied strategies are effective or not. These tools vary from one marketing strategy another.

One of the most popular tracking software used by many internet marketers is the Google Analytics tool. It tracks inbound and outbound traffic from your website provides relevant search and social media data, determines total number of goals and leads, and a lot more useful features that are helpful for webmasters, internet marketers, and website owners.

These basic components of an effective internet marketing strategy should serve as a guideline for internet marketing professionals who are still learning the ways of the industry. As every strategy changes depending on the niche or type of business, any expert can go against any guidelines and can create their own rules.

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