August 22, 2020

The Benefits of Google+ for Search Engine Optimization

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Qamar Zaman Dallas SEO Expert states Search engine optimization (SEO) is undoubtedly a complicated beast. Recent changes in the Google search algorithms, Panda in 2011 and Penguin in 2012, have changed the inherent nature of SEO, seemingly for the better. The two algorithm changes and their subsequent updates effectively targeted low quality sites and those who indulged in black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing, link schemes and cloaking. It's good news for Internet users and can be great news for those site owners and SEO practitioners who sit on the legitimate side of the fence.

The Google+ platform represents a real opportunity to boost a site's traffic with the added benefit of the introduction of "AuthorRank". This tag (rel=author) allows authors to claim their content as their own, reducing the possibility of being affected by unscrupulous acts of scraping. It's a giant leap in proving an author's worth when it comes to content and, after all, it all seems to be about producing shareable content these days. While it remains unknown exactly how the number of Google+ votes affects search engine ranking, given that data concerning how many votes a particular piece of content has received is now available in the Google Webmaster tools dashboard, there is every likelihood that popularity counted in terms of Google+ votes will result in a higher ranking in organic search results.

It seems that the number of Google+ votes have a causal effect on page ranking and increases the potential for a link to enjoy a higher click-through rate, which in turn improves its search engine ranking. Even though Google+ is relatively new, it's a development that can't be ignored. So what's the takeaway? Well, it's clear that votes from the various social platforms are gained from providing quality content that is relevant to the audience. Google+ is no different. "Facebook Like" and "Tweet This" icons have become a recognized part of the digital landscape. For site owners to realize the SEO benefits of Google+, it makes sense to add the option for readers to vote +1.


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