October 22, 2015

Online Press Release Distribution Benefits

Three Challenges Online Press Release Distribution Can Help Marketplace Businesses Overcome

Three Challenges Online Press Release Distribution Can Help Marketplace Businesses Overcome


Submit 123 PR CEO Qamar Zaman says there are three major challenges faced by marketplace businesses today that can be overcome with press releases via online distribution.


Marketplace businesses are notoriously known for being difficult to get started, but during present times, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing this as their business model. Why? It could be a fascination with the high reward that accompanies the high risks. Marketplace companies like eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon have made their mark in the “you can buy anything” game, earning millions of dollars annually by bringing buyers and sellers together. Even niche marketplace enterprises like Priceline and Hotels.com have also achieved sustainable brand recognition. So for up and coming marketplace businesses that are seeking to also make their mark, the question becomes what is the best pathway to success?


According to Qamar Zaman, a business digital marketing expert, answering the question requires addressing the most common challenge that marketplace businesses face today: marketing. Says Zaman, who is CEO of online press release distribution company Submit 123 PR, “many marketplace businesses face major challenges in promoting themselves because they are unsure of who to tailor their strategies for. Because these companies aim to accommodate the needs of both buyers and sellers, devising a sound solution can feel like trying to accommodate the needs of two different types of businesses at the same time.”


How Press Releases Can Resolve the Chicken-Egg Dilemma


Many marketplace businesses don’t know who’s more important to market to first, buyers or sellers? Not wanting to take any risks of alienating either group, a number engage in mediocre marketing efforts that don’t hit home with either, and essentially amount to a waste of time.


As expressed by Zaman, marketplace businesses should be more aware of the impact releasing a press release digitally can have on their success today. “Press releases can be developed to alert both buyers and sellers of the availability of marketplace companies and communicate their relevancy to a broad target audience base at a very affordable rate.”


Zaman says press releases can also resolve three major challenges typically experienced by these types of companies, which are:


Limited control over the presentation of their products - Listings for products  and services in a marketplace setup are not always uniform. Zaman says that press releases can help these types of businesses in building their brand, by leading customers to the overall message they should be focusing on.

Bridging the gap between “suppliers and demanders” - Zaman notes that with services like Submit 123 PR, there is no limit to the number of press releases marketplace businesses can disseminate, therefore the unique needs of both buyers and sellers can be targeted in select releases.

Building trust - Marketing with press releases helps give businesses credibility and builds trust among audiences, because these pieces are required to be timely, factual, and possess a newsworthy relevance to readers, Zaman says of those submitted to his company “no plain sales pitches are allowed.”


Marketplace business that are seeking an effective marketing platform for their companies can visit  http://www.submitpressrelease123.com/ for more information about the range of benefits that press release distribution services like Submit 123 PR have to offer.


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