September 12, 2015

3 Ways Online Press Release Distribution Creates Marketing Impact for Business

Submit 123 PR CEO outlines three benefits that online press release distribution yields for small businesses.

Small business owners typically have to wear multiple hats in working for the success of their business, especially when first starting out. According to statistics presented in an Inc. magazine report, in doing so a significant percentage of business owners work twice as much as employees, putting in over 60 hours per week.


Source: Report “Business Owners Work Twice as Much as Employees, Survey Finds”


“Thirty-three percent of small-business owners reported working more than 50 hours per week, while an additional 25% said they work more than 60 hours a week, according to a poll of readers of the New York Enterprise Report. The poll, conducted throughout January and February, found that 70% of respondents also worked at least one weekend on a regular basis.”


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The daily grind of a small business owner can include an array of tasks that may range from project management to keeping track of financial records to marketing. Because there is so much that small business owners attempt to get accomplished day-to-day, many constantly seek ways to make tasks like marketing their products or services easier. Particularly when it comes to small business marketing, the challenges of effectively promoting a business can be hard to overcome without the right support.


Three Key Benefits Afforded to Small Businesses That Submit Press Releases Online


According to Qamar Zaman, CEO of online press release distribution company Submit 123 PR, although online marketing & search marketing is essential to the success of small businesses, many owners and operators become so overwhelmed with other tasks required to run their enterprise that they put promotional activities on the backburner, and miss important opportunities that could elevate their success.


Zaman says that one highly effective solution for those in this predicament is to utilize a press release distribution service, especially one that allows for targeted promotions. Says the digital marketing expert “By issuing a press release online, small business not only have the ability to reach select markets to drive traffic to their websites and, ultimately their door steps, they also can garner the attention of local media that may spotlight their business in a story.”


In addition Zaman says there are three key benefits the best online press releases services afford small businesses today. These include:


Cost savings for widespread promotion - According to Zaman, online press release distribution services like Submit 123 PR fit into the marketing budgets of a significant percentage of small businesses. Says the CEO “many small businesses are not aware that there is tremendous marketing potential of an investment of under $100 in this type of service.” see affordable press release price plan by Submit123PR

Improved social media connectivity - Press release distribution can help small businesses market messages about their products and services and also promote their social media accounts. Zaman states “services like Submit 123 PR give businesses an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, broadening their recognition online and promoting their presence on multiple social media platforms.”

Specific targeting options - With online press release distribution services like Submit 123 PR, businesses can also target audiences based on specific criteria like region or search intent focus.


Submit 123 PR is regarded in the industry as one of the most highly effective press release distributors that cater to the marketing needs of small businesses. For more information about the service, or Qamar Zaman, please visit



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