Monday, December 6, 2021

Tyrell Jackson Is Building Something Meaningful

Tyrell Jackson of beach town Cocoa, Florida is a photographer and videographer with style, vision, and a burgeoning business currently expanding its client base to all of South Florida. Now based in Naples FL, Tyrell graduated from the University of North Florida in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Design, and shortly after graduating, he moved to St. Louis, Missouri where his career as a carpenter began.

Tyrell started at a small firm by the name of Byrdie Construction Inc where he began to hone his craft in carpentry and had the opportunity to wear many hats. Having always had an interest in photography as a hobby, Tyrell introduced management of Byrdie to samples of his work in the areas of dance and music – bands, anyone willing to get in front of the camera for him. Management was impressed and hired Tyrell to shoot buildings and building designs. He captured the construction process from start to finish for both internal technical/documentation purposes and marketing to new customers. From this entry-level professional photography position, Tyrell’s interest in photography grew more and more as his hobby began to merge with his professional career. Working in music and dance outside of work, he began to gather a small clientele of people who wanted to hire him to shoot weddings and local gigs around the city.

As his photography business grew to 30+ clients, he moved to the SW Florida region to expand and grow his talents into a legitimate...

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