August 22, 2020

What every lawyer should know about Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion is vital in determining if your paid advertising and marketing strategies have worked in favor for your law firm's business growth. This factor can help every lawyer in making the most out of every penny they spent in doing Pay per Click (PPC).

To get a good conversion rate, you need to figure out and come up with a compelling offer that will entice your potential clients. This offer will then be placed on your law firm's landing pages. One example is you can give out and offer a free consultation for your clients. That way, your prospects may appreciate the benefit of this offer which can then help you increase your conversion. You need to have a conversion rate higher than 2% and you can also do this by asking your customer's opinion. Their opinions can help you come up with a unique offer that might just get you the conversion you need.

Sometimes, lawyers are unaware that they are putting barriers that can hinder their conversions to increase. This happens when clients are asked to give out their information before they are able to download the free software lawyer offer in their landing page. Some clients may find this discouraging and may opt to find other site. This can result to decrease conversion so you need to change the flow that can work for both you and your potential clients.
Some views that lawyers will have on their law firm site won't necessarily be converted to leads so these attorneys should find a way on how to remarket their site. Lawyers can do this by providing activities that these viewers can appreciate like watchable Youtube videos, utilization of social network, etc.

Lawyers need not focus on having just high conversion rate since having it does not necessarily mean that lawyers have increased leads. You need to focus on the landing page which has more traffic and put in your effort in maintaining the increased traffic you have and in finding ways to convert quality leads.

When it comes to optimizing your landing page, whenever you have small changes made, expect small gains in return and if you are that focus, you can improve your lead quality and at the same time increase your conversion.

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