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What is Google Duplex - What Will Google Duplex A.I Do For Local Businesses - SEO Expert Qamar Zaman 2021 Updates

Dallas SEO Qamar Zaman explains. Google Duplex is a huge leap forward in AI. Watch demo. Booking a haircut on this YouTube Video.

Your new Google Assistant will call the hair salon and make an assistant for you pretending to be you!

Watch the video below. 

Will Google Duplex put SIRU to shame? 

A robotic AI just made an appointment for a haircut without the other person knowing. The future is truly here. 

How to use it to set up a haircut appointment as reported by VentureBeat

"VentureBeat reports that Google Duplex has quietly added the ability for it to set up a haircut appointment for users. Ironically, this was the demo that was used to introduce the service in 2018. However, it’s only now available for the general public. Here’s how to use it:

  • Look up your stylist’s location in either Search or Maps on your phone and then tap on “Request an Appointment”.
  • Pick from one of these options: General haircut, men’s haircut or woman’s haircut.
  • Enter your preferred date, time, and time rage for your appointment.
  • You then have to tap on whether or not you have been to that stylist’s location before. You also have the option of naming your specific stylist.
  • Tap in your contact information (name, email address, and phone number.

That’s it. Google Duplex should then call the stylist and set up your haircut appointment. It always informs the business that this is an automated call and that it’s being recorded. If a business does not want to be recorded, it has the option to say that to the Duplex AI. It will then send the call over to a real human or a line that’s not recording the conversation? Source  Google Duplex’s haircut-booking feature could help short-handed businesses.

How Does Google Duplex Work? 

Google Duplex was created after years of research and painstaking work on algorithms. In order for it to work so well, Google used its collected conversation data and Automatic Speech Recognition tech. This allowed it to read data points and learn through experience. That’s why it sounded so much like a human being to the point of believability. 

To make it sound natural, Google used synthesis text to speech engine to control its tone. It even added an “umm” or a “hmm” which mimicked the sound of a human being while gathering its thoughts. For believability, latency was added. The responses were simple, but they were extremely believable as well.[2]

Of course, it’s not perfect yet. Google Duplex hasn’t been rolled out to the public because what was shown was an ideal case. Still, the possibilities that it opens up are astounding. The fact that we’re at the point that sci-fi and hyperrealism are melding together is quite something. 

What Does It Mean for the Future of AI?

AI is taking over the world slowly but surely. Self-driving cars, better smartphones, smarter algorithms; all of it signals towards a smarter world. However, the future that Google Duplex shows us means that we probably will be able to automate mundane tasks away faster. AI will become a bigger part of our lives without a doubt.

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[1] https://www.wired.com/story/google-duplex-phone-calls-ai-future/

[2] https://medium.com/buzz-words/google-duplex-how-it-works-implications-388f8a7a4f8b

Video Credits:  Marques Brownlee 

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