Monday, December 6, 2021

Who Is Jay Styler? Meet The Beauty Influencer Taking Over Social Media

Based out of Scotland, Jay Styler is a beauty influencer who has exploded onto the beauty scene, originally from Portsmouth but now living in Glasgow he has amassed 60 thousand followers across his platforms, which include Instagram, Twitter & TikTok. consistently growing and reaching new milestones he is destined to be the industries next top influencer, We spoke to Jay today to find out more about his success recently.

“It’s been insane, I’ve been doing make-up for a few years as a hobby, but during the pandemic my posts really blew up.” Jay tells us. “Two of my posts reached over 40,000 likes each in a couple of days, my notifications wouldn’t stop. I was gaining likes and followers, It became really overwhelming, but exciting.”

But life hasn’t stopped for Jay as he now works with some of his favourite brands. which he tells us with an enthusiastic tone to his voice.

“Brands I’ve only dreamed about working with have contacted me for collaborations, brands I bought my first products from have emailed me, to send me products and have me create content for them. It’s so so cool, I didn’t expect to ever get this far, I didn’t even expect to reach a thousand followers so to have the opportunities I have, is really special.

Jay is able to create original soft glam, creative and editorial looks fit for Paris Fashion Week,

“The pandemic changed the way a lot of people view social media, the way people use it, they use it a lot more and have a lot more time.” He says. “...

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