Monday, December 6, 2021

Why this former Starbucks exec left a CEO job to launch a start-up: 'It's odd and scary, but also wonderful' - CNBC

As a teenager, former Starbucks executive Adam Brotman found inspiration in an unlikely place: a Costco parking lot. In 1982, his uncle, Jeff Brotman, co-founded the chain of big-box retail stores with James Sinegal — and when Brotman turned 16, he was recruited to organize shopping carts at the store’s first location in Seattle.

Brotman, who would later serve in top leadership roles at Starbucks and J. Crew, credits that first job with sparking the entrepreneurial spirit that landed him in business.

“Even when I was pushing carts outside in the rain, watching my uncle and James build this iconic company up close set the bar high for success,” the 52-year-old tells CNBC Make It. “It created the aperture for how I would view success.”

The Seattle native started his career as a lawyer but quit his practice at 27 to launch in-store entertainment services company PlayNetwork. After several stints at other companies, Brotman joined Starbucks in 2009.

What he learned from working at Starbucks

If you’ve ever used Starbucks points to snag a free latte or ordered on the app, you can thank Brotman. He spent nearly a decade as Starbucks’s chief digital officer and EVP of global retail operations building its rewards program and digital platforms.

The Starbucks app is considered a gold standard for franchises. As of April, mobile transactions make up more than 25% of all Starbucks orders in the United States. But Brotman didn’t launch the app as a final, completed project. First,...

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